Chemical standard (NRL/NRK)

At the forefront of this series is the simple and quick seal change, which can be carried out from the side of the lantern with an RVT changing device with minimal spatial requirements and work. All components conform to currently valid DIN standards for agitator construction. 

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Standard design

  • Drive variants (spur gear, bevel gear, low-profile gear, U-shaped, etc.)
  • Cast lantern
  • Divided disc clutch for simple and quick seal replacement
  • Various seal options, such as slide ring or shaft lip seal
  • can be combined with RVT stirrer shafts and stirrers

Operating range

  • High torque
  • Pressurised tanks
  • Series with maximum power


  • Minimal down times, low maintenance costs
  • Agitator disassembly not required for seal replacement
  • First choice when considering TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)