Magnetic coupling (MK)

Contact-free drive unit via magnetic coupling (MK). Special agitator in welded design for hermetically sealed applications. 

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Standard design

  • Magnetic coupling for up to 10 kNm
  • Contact-free torque transmission
  • Drive hermetically sealed for hazardous materials such as arsenic
  • Can be combined with RVT stirrer shafts and stirrers

Operating range

  • High-pressure range
  • Toxic application
  • Bottom installation


  • Individually adaptable as welded design
  • Pressure range up to 100 bar(g)
  • Ideal with pressure intensifier (RVT product)
  • Separate cooling
  • Long-lasting with permanent lubrication in oil bath
  • Optional dry running with ceramic bearing
  • Seal via simple-acting slide ring seal
  • In accordance with ATEX Directive 94/9 EC (ATEX95) incl. Zone 0