Sealing liquid tank

RVT pressurisation systems can be individually equipped. Measuring devices such as thermometers, manometers and fill level monitors can be delivered according to customer wishes.

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Standard design

  • Level monitoring
  • Connection for sealing pressure (nitrogen)
  • Manometer
  • Cooling hose provided as standard
  • Hand pump
  • Sight glass
  • PT100 directly in the shaft seal possible
  • Standard sizes: 6 l and 12 l

Operating range

  • for cooling and pressurisation of seals


  • Function via thermo-siphon effect (natural circulation)
  • If necessary, a circulation pump can be installed for forced circulation of the sealing liquid and increased cooling output
  • Various sealing media possible depending on the application (demineralised water, water glycol, spindle or white oil, etc.)
  • Easy refilling sealing liquid via hand pump during agitation
  • Emptying at the lowest point of the seal