Gasser agitator

In addition to the actual mixing process additional gas is introduced to the product with the gasser agitator.  High-speed motors are usually use for this application. The gassing quantity can be adjusted in the process.

For further Information

Standard design

  • Three-phase motor
  • Stirrer shaft
  • Gasser pipe with suction possibility
  • Stirrer
  • Speed range from 750 rpm to 3000 rpm.

Operating range

  • High-speed motor
  • Low-viscosity media
  • Water preparation
  • Paints and lacquer / automotive industry
  • Direct drive for dispersions with high energy input
  • For IBC tanks
  • For stands
  • Frequency converter operation possible
  • In accordance with ATEX Directive 94/9 EC (ATEX95) incl. Zone 0
  • Various seal possibilities with separate lantern


  • Affordable
  • Low weight
  • Short delivery time
  • High level of gas introduced to the product